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love and ruin book review

Love and Ruin: Book Review - Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library

Paula McLain. Martha Gellhorn had, in so many words, one hell of a life. She was mainly known for her war correspondence; the only female reporter on the ground at the Normandy Beaches and this only because she stowed away aboard an aircraft carrier and impersonated a stretcher bearer and completely without press credentials, Gellhorn went on to report on every single major international conflict during her lifetime from World War II to the US invasion of Panama. Her personal life was pretty interesting as well. A conscientious but critical and impatient step and adopted mother who professed to have no maternal instincts and eventually abandoned her adopted son with relatives, a wife who would not set aside her love of the field for her novelist husband, a good friend with no sense of nostalgia, Gellhorn was a complicated, intelligent woman who loved, but was practical and too adventuresome to be tied down to anything traditional. Perhaps focusing on the marriage to Hemmingway was a bad idea for in the end, for theirs is a story of escape and escapism and is filled with a sense of wrongness and doom. Under the echo of bombs and while touring the country, she and Hemmingway become lovers.
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Review of Love and Ruin by Paula McClain

Paula McLain's fictional portrait of Gellhorn/Hemingway marriage equals 'Love and Ruin'

Email address:. Love and Ruin. Paula McLain. Ballantine Books. Fiction Historical. The author of The Paris Wife returns to the subject of Ernest Hemingway in a novel about his passionate, stormy marriage to Martha Gellhorn—a fiercely independent, ambitious young woman who would become one of the greatest war correspondents of the twentieth century.

Love and Ruin is a riveting story of war, heartbreak, and the reckless romance between two famous literary figures: Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn. However, she deserves to have her story told just as much as Ernest Hemingway. It followed his first wife, Hadley Richardson, in the tear-jerking tale of their tender but tumultuous marriage. Love and Ruin is filled with action, love, fear, and loss. Your heart will break and ache in so many ways, but it will swell at times, too. The language in the novel is pieced together gorgeously and is consistent with the time period it is set in, as if the novel were actually created in the s.

The Paris Wife was her luminous, bestselling historical fiction novel based on the marriage of Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Richardson, and Paula felt she was done writing about Hemingway. His third wife, Martha Gelhorn, was an acclaimed war correspondent and author. Paula McLain, who combines extensive research with magical story-telling, was drawn to capturing their story. While it is a love story, it is no romance novel. Young Martha Gelhorn was an independent woman with her own career at the time she met and fell in love with Ernest Hemingway.

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In , courageous and independent Martha Gellhorn travels to Madrid to report on the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War, and finds herself drawn to the stories of ordinary people caught in devastating conflict. She also finds herself unexpectedly — and uncontrollably — falling in love with Ernest Hemingway, a man already on his way to being a legend. In the shadow of the impending Second World War, and set against the tumultuous backdrops of Madrid, Finland, China, and especially Cuba, where Martha and Hemingway made their home, their relationship and professional careers ignite. But when Hemingway publishes the biggest literary success of his career, they are no longer equals, and Martha must make a choice: surrender to the suffocating demands of a domestic lifestyle, or risk losing her husband by forging her way as her own woman and writer. It is a dilemma that will force her to break his heart, and her own. When I was deciding on what books I would bring to Spain on holidays with me last month, I wanted to select books that I had purchased myself, books that I have been wanting to read for some time. The other prerequisite was that a few of my choices would have a Spanish flavour.

In this heart-tugging follow-up, we meet Martha Gellhorn, a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War, who was the third—and perhaps most intriguing—of his wives. Fueled by passion and ambition, their love powers over continents—before crashing hard. The title says it all. She captures the passion Gellhorn and Hemingway feel for each other, and the slow erosion of trust on both sides. She is independent and ambitious, and her career comes first—something she learns the hard way.

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  1. Love and Ruin book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The bestselling author of The Paris Wife returns to the subject of.

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  3. Paula McLain takes the turbulent relationship between Martha Gellhorn and Ernest Hemingway as the subject of her new novel. The story opens in Gellhorn is 27, back in the US after living in Paris, “trying to become a writer” and throwing herself “hard at experience”.

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