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62 Home Library Design Ideas With Stunning Visual Effect

I would tell myself that my growing—and growing , and growing —piles of books and bookshelves stuffed two deep were actually my home library, not a dent in my checking account or enough dead trees to fill the Forbidden Forest. And while I know this rationalization is a dangerous one, leading to a slippery slope, I do very much believe in the power and pride I take in cultivating, organizing, and curating my personal library and like to geek out about home library bookcases. I guess there is a part of me that has always wanted that library, to marry into one or build one of my own. But there are endless ways to create a library experience in your own space tailored to your interests. One of the leading specialists in building bookcases specific to your home and needs is Bookwalls , who offer library bookcase wall units in a variety of styles. I love their enclosed Two-Corner Maple Library. A little corner library space like this would be amazing to show off for throwing a literary cocktail party or hosting book club night.
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Unboxing Our Books! 5 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves

Home Library Bookcases You’ll Want to Check Out

If you are planning to redesign your home, think about giving the personal library a bit more attention. Nowadays, in times of electronic books that can handle thousands of books, you may not need an entire room to accommodate all your books. One bookcase can be more than enough. You need something more: the magic. Separate or transitional rooms, parts of the living room, or specially arranged corners. Sometimes a dimmed light and a comfortable chair with cozy pillows will create the desired effect! Just like in the case of beautiful reading nooks , we wanted not only to share stunning photos but also give practical details about the designers behind the projects.

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Though we may be in the digital age, no technology can compare to the feeling of a good book in your hands. And we want to showcase our favorite volumes in a space that's comfortable, personal, and unique. While public and university libraries are often vast and full of splendor, home libraries are more intimate but not any less gorgeous. The room can be formal and elegant or colorful and cozy, and stylish focal points like a fireplace, desk, or snug sitting area keep things just as interesting as the volumes on the shelves. Here, we gathered up the most beautiful home libraries from our archives to inspire your own literary retreat.

Book lovers value their leafy friends and understand that it is important to keep them away from moist or dust. Everyone who has a large collection of books needs a place where they can be reached effortlessly. What makes the best bookshelves? A top rated bookcase for most home libraries should be:. Buy it on Amazon. The Altra Glass Door Bookcase comes with a sylvan styled glass door and can complement the room with a nice, rustic charm. You get 3 shelves with a total of 4 compartments in the bookcase, while 2 of them that can be customized per your requirement.

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