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Self Publishing Tips: The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

And believe me, the moment you get the call telling you your book has sold to a big publisher is a life-altering moment. People glamorize and fantasize about the lives of writers. Personally I like to imagine Hemingway-style excess; empty wine bottles littering the deck, the clack clack of keyboard keys, a view of the French riviera, literary shindigs where the glitterati meet and mingle and get up to all sorts of lovely mischief. And though there are shades of this empty wine bottles, keyboard keys clacking, mischief the reality is much less glam. My story is fairy-tale like.
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Should You Self-Publish Your Book? - The Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of being a writer – Sarah Alderson

Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Plotters need to know where their story is going before they begin. They have specific events of their story in mind, and so begin writing a book with an inherent structure within which they are free to improvise. They write with a vision, but they allow the story to form naturally, often claiming that they are as surprised by the events that unfold as the reader. Being a plotter or a pantser is not like being a dog or a cat.

They love traveling to visit four grown children and seven grandchildren who all live much too far away. I love your suggestions for writing a series. Do you have advice for the length of each book? Should they all be the same or is it permissible to have a novella between novels? Thank you for this excellent post!

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If you're thinking about becoming a novelist, you're probably weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the profession. Writing a novel can be thrilling and heart-wrenching, sometimes both at the same time. Professional authors who have already made a name for themselves know the tremendous amount of work and energy that goes into writing novels, but those who are jumping in for the first time might be surprised at how tedious the task can be. Each novelist will experience different feelings toward writing a novel, and no two novelists will have identical experiences. What one person might consider an enjoyable perk, such as the need to utilize social media to promote her novels, another person might consider a burden and a chore.

Rosemary Jenkinson: Waiting to hear back from an editor can be like waiting on the NHS, the only difference being the pain is spiritual. All of us writers question why we write. Look at Jack Kerouac — he spent seven years on the road and three weeks on On the Road. I remember the time I was sacked from teaching English in Warsaw. No, I went straight round the corner and joined another school.

Konrath breaks down the pros and cons of self publishing versus the pros and cons of traditionally publishing. If you feel strongly that traditional publishing is still your route to success, be sure to follow the Guide to Literary Agents blog which continually offers great advice on landing a literary agent. The truth behind either avenue is so difficult to perceive that an article like this is quite helpful. Admittedly, the books that are familiar in the bookstore are also often lousy and have cheap-looking cover art. This article is so helpful and so is this site. Indie publishing is another topic I need to read about. Having gone down the self-publishing route, I can add more to the list.

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