Will stephenie meyer write a book about jacob and renesmee

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If Renesmee and Jacob have a kid, will it — Breaking Dawn Q&A

Stephenie Meyer has "thought" of writing a new "Twilight" book concentrating on the Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen story. She even revealed that she already has outlined the story and have some parts of it written. In an interview with Hypable , the author was asked whether fans of the saga would get a chance to know what happened to the imprinted pair after "Breaking Dawn" and she said that she somehow worked on the said story in the past. The "Twilight" creator did not flat out say though that she was going to continue writing about it and publish it soon. So I'm not going to tell you on the off chance that I do. It was only last month when Stephenie Meyer took Twihards by surprise by publishing a gender-swap version of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan -- an idea that actress Kristen Stewart has also thought of three years ago.
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Will Stephenie Meyer write another Twilight book?

Stephenie Meyer Writing A New Twilight Book On Jacob And Renesmee? book concentrating on the Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen story. of the new "Twilight" saga books, Stephenie Meyer said she will also be.

Forever Dawn

It sounds like a cruel April Fool's Day joke for hardcore Twilight haters across the globe. But it's true. Stephenie Meyer , creator of the novel series which the popular films are based on, has hinted that she is writing a new Twilight spin-off series that will focus on Jacob Black Taylor Lautner and his relationship with Renesmee Mackenzie Foy , the daughter of Bella Swan Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson , whom Jacob 'imprints' upon at the time of birth, marking the newborn as his life mate or life protector, however you want to look at it. When Stephenie Meyer was recently asked about the aging process between the two characters of Jacob and Renesmee, whose story will unfold in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 , the author had this to say. This spin-off is in place, because Stephenie Meyer doesn't feel there is anything left to say with Bella and Edward.




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  1. Forever Dawn is the original, unpublished direct sequel to Twilight , written for Stephenie Meyer 's own pleasure.

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