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and then we swam book

Why do we swim?

By Mary Grimm. Every year the Perseids came, splashing down from the top of the sky, and every year we begged our parents to let us go down to the lake by ourselves to see them. Every year they said no, and we sat on the narrow beach at the end of the ferry parking lot, our parents, my sister and I, and some of our girl cousins, whichever of them had come with us that year. The lake would be black, and the sky blacker. If there were waves, the curl of the foam was gray. The summer colors of our clothes were bleached out as if we were in an old movie, and we sat there waiting for the next shooting star, the next, the next. The water sucked and slopped against the rocks.
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For book orders over 10 copies, please download the attached order form. Lewis is a gripping storyteller. He has gone places few would dare to go, and for good reasons. The dreams, the hardships, the hard work and the sheer heart behind his expeditions will inspire you to rethink your own 'impossible'. I can't wait to see what he does next ….

In July , he achieved one more world record —
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Adriatic Sea

These are external links and will open in a new window. At the age of 11, Tom Gregory became the youngest person ever to swim the English Channel, driven on by an extraordinary coach. It's a little-heralded feat of endurance that won't be bettered. It was on 6 September and Tom Gregory stood on the tip of France. Behind him was his coach, John Bullet. In front of him was the vast, black, English Channel. Tom, in swimming trunks, faced the water.

Monaco on a sunny summer morning is everything the glossy brochures tell you: beautiful people lounging in deckchairs on the beach while waiters serve them cocktails. I was struck by the colour of the water; the Mediterranean Sea is an incredible blue. World free-diving champion Pierre Frolla accompanied me on this kilometre swim — the first on our Seven Seas expedition. As a local dive instructor, Pierre has witnessed first hand the damage that happens when visiting cruise ships drop anchor here; the anchors drag along the seabed, ripping the coral to shreds and leaving scars on the sea floor. This devastation is happening on our watch. Perspective is everything. I was reminded of this in the middle of the second of our seven swims, through the Adriatic Sea.

Please refresh the page and retry. Pausing only now and then for a chocolate digestive, thrown to him from the support boat, or a swig of hot tomato soup, a whole jukebox of songs played through his head before he finally emerged on the shingle beach below Shakespeare Cliff near Dover , 11 hours and 54 minutes after leaving Cap Gris-Nez, France. It was Sept 6 and he was 11 years and days old, the youngest person to ever swim the English Channel. Although Cap Gris-Nez is only 20 miles from Dover, his route had taken 32 miles, allowing for the pull of the tides. Gregory made national news and appeared on Blue Peter , where he was given a gold badge — only awarded for outstanding achievement. T hirty years on, his incredible record still stands.

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  1. And Then We Swam is the true story of two friends who set out to cross the Indian Ocean in a secondhand boat, having never rowed before in their lives. gruelling days later, off the coast of Mauritius and just five miles from the finish line, things started to go horribly.

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