Difference between photo book and album

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difference between photo book and album

3 Differences You Need To Know About Photo Albums vs Photo Books

And what better way of doing so than presenting them in a photo book or photo album? That way, you have easy access to all your photos and prized memories, perfect for savouring among friends and family. But what is the difference between a photo book and photo album? The products seem similar, but there are some major differences between the two. Traditional photo albums typically have small sections where you can add individually printed photos.
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Published 11.01.2019

Difference Between Wedding Album And Photo Book

The Top 8 Differences Between Photo Albums and Photo Books

Here is a great new video that gives a general overview of what the differences between wedding albums and photo books are. For the in-depth specifics of albums and photo books continue reading our post. Photographs capture the treasured moments of a wedding for generations to come. Traditionally, the wedding album has been one of the most cherished remembrances of that special day. Although most kinds of books offer ways to preserve and share wedding-day images, these choices are definitely not created equal. The results of the survey were quite interesting.

When it comes to having a tangible keepsake, photo albums and photo books are the most popular. But there are 3 major differences you need to know about when it comes to photo albums vs photo books. Since photo albums are made with high-quality printing techniques, material, and mounting and construction methods, albums are more much expensive than photo books. The most attractive aspects of a photo album are its durability and its sophisticated style. If you want something that will last a lifetime, a handcrafted photo album is worth the investment.

One of the most obvious differences between Albums and Books is the paper type. Lustre paper the industry standard for photo printing has a slight sheen, and is protected by a UV coating. Photo Book images are printed directly onto your choice of press paper semi-gloss, linen, matte, or pearl. Although it differs from photographic paper, press paper is a much better option for printing photos than typical computer paper. Photo Album images are printed on photographic paper that is reinforced by a premium substrate.

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Some photographers offer albums for your most precious memories, but they can lack personalization. Why not preserve and share the story of your love with your own uniquely crafted wedding album? Imagine your children and grandchildren being able to experience the joy of your wedding day with a beautiful album uniquely made by you. Choosing a wedding book vs. When choosing a book format, thinking about how it will be used is critical. Will the book be displayed or stored?


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  1. Photo Albums & Photo Books are often confused for one another. In this visual guide, our team of experts explains the differences between the.

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