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me and earl and the dying girl book cover

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl: Book Review – New West Press

This book is where Greg documents what happened to him during his senior year when his mother forces him to socialise with his sort-of ex-girlfriend Rachel, who has just been diagnosed with leukaemia. There was no soppy professing of undying love or magical journeys; it was just teenagers being teenagers in hard circumstances. One thing I loved about Me and Earl was the way it completely refused to live up to stereotypes. Whereas most books, especially YA, about similar circumstances would have made it melodramatic and cringe worthy, Andrews seemed to underplay everything. As funny as this book is, it is also very, very sad. So although I laughed constantly throughout this book at the end I cried floods of tears. Everyone should read this book.
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me and earl and the dying girl book review

A Book Review Of 'Me And Earl And The Dying Girl'

One of my favorite parts about his post revolves around being authentic to the characters from the novel. Ahem, not me. So definitely check it out. Right now. Well there goes the whole capital letters thing.

I finally read it when my friends started to tell me how good it was, the trailer looked amazing and the film was coming out. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is a young adult book about Greg Gaines, an he admits it himself ugly teenage boy who has a friend who he makes films with, and Rachel, a girl he is forced to befriend due to her getting cancer. It sounds like a John Green book, right? It is the exact opposite. In my opinion, this book had the potential to be fantastic.

Every book whether you are the reader or, in my case, the art director, becomes part of your life. When we heard the news that Earl had become a film that was taking Sundance by storm, I was so proud. I loved the book and felt we had given it a really great cover. But success means change and the change that was coming was coming fast. From on high came the idea to update the cover to broaden the audience for the book. I was resistant. We had just three weeks to get a new cover to press and I had no clue what it should look like.

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The novel was released in hardcover by Amulet Books on March 1, , and in paperback on May 7, Greg Gaines is a senior at Benson High School. A social loner, he navigates high school life by gaining everyone's acquaintance but staying clear of any particular clique. His only real friend is Earl Jackson, though Greg will only cautiously claim that they are coworkers. Greg and Earl, a fellow student from a poor and broken family, have been friends since childhood. The two spend most of their time making films together.

While working on a class project for one of my classes, I was instructed to read a non-ALA American Library Association award-winning book. Let me tell you, finding a book that was a non-ALA award winner was more difficult than I ever expected it to be. Conveniently, I already owned the book. I saw the movie on campus last year and bought the book soon after with the intent of reading it, however, I never got around to reading the book. This book, published by Jesse Andrews, is a story written from the point-of-view of a high school senior named Greg Gaines. In the beginning of the story, Greg goes to the extremes to ensure he stays invisible, even going as far as avoiding being a part of any cliques or having any real friends.

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