Time booking and time keeping

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time booking and time keeping

What is Time Booking of Labor? Discuss the Methods used for Time Booking of Labor. - dreams-car.com

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This department is concerned with maintenance of attendance time and job time of workers. Attendance time is recorded for wage calculation and job time or time booking is considered for computing time spent for each department, job, Operation and Process for calculating labour cost department wise, job wise and of each process and operation. Time-keeping has to be done for even piece workers to maintain uniformity, regularity and continuous flow of production. Both the arrival and exit of workers is to be recorded so that total time spent by workers is available for wage calculations. Each worker punches the card given to him when he comes in and goes out.

Read this article to learn about the time keeping department and need for time recording for piece works. Time-keeping department is concerned with the recording of time of each worker engaged in the factory. The recording of time is for two purposes, i. These two recordings should be regularly reconciled to establish the accuracy of recording of time because wages calculated on the basis of time-keeping should agree with the wages charged to the various jobs or production orders on the basis of time booking. If the size of the factory and volume of work permit, there should be a separate time-keeping office near the factory gate for recording the time of workers. If the size of the factory is small, time-keeping office may form a part of the personnel or gate office.

Under time-keeping methods we simply record the time spent by a worker in the factory. Such record does not show how that time was utilized by him i. Hence, in addition to recording his time of arrival and departure, it is also necessary to record the time he spent on each job, order or process. In other words, time booking is a method of recording time devoted by a worker on a job, order or process. The system of time booking may be maintained either manually or mechanically.

Time booking can be entrusted to the foreman or to time booking clerks. Sometimes it is done even by employees. It can be recorded either manually or mechanically. Under this method, the time spent by workers on different jobs for a certain day is recorded. For each worker a sheet of paper is issued wherein his time spent on various jobs are recorded.



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  1. This department is concerned with maintenance of attendance time and job time of workers. Attendance time is recorded for wage calculation and job time or.

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