How to staple a booklet with regular stapler

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how to staple a booklet with regular stapler If you want to print A4 sized pages on a home printer it's pretty straight forward. Here however, we explain the more complex process of printing a booklet on A4 or letter paper, which staples in the middle. In other words, we want each document page to take up half a physical page and get printed double sided so that we can fold and staple it in the middle with two staples. On some printers you might figure this out, but on others you'll fail miserably. Since every printer is different, the instructions here show you how you might generate a PDF where pages are already in a "good order", ready to simply print double sided short edge first on any printer that supports side-by-side printing.

How to make a small bookshelf out of wood

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how to make a small bookshelf out of wood These days, everyone seems to have more stuff than places to stuff it. We've heard complaints of a house-wide shortage of nooks and crannies, and a dearth of handy bins and baskets. Fortunately, we've got a stylish solution: Build a compact, adjustable-shelf bookcase. The great thing about this freestanding piece of furniture is that it's suitable for any room. You can paint it to match your decor, or stain it to look like natural woodwork..

Halifax 75 cube unit bookcase

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halifax 75 cube unit bookcase Two separate components, working together to create ideal storage. The base unit, with its combination of drawers and deep shelving, can be home to personal items or linens. The upper shelving unity features detailed beadboard wainscotting, that acts as an attractive backdrop for books or collectibles.

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